For us, Transformation Management is a key instrument and intervention technique for successful project completion.

In order to manage change, we think it is important to first gain the acceptance of the people concerned, i.e. clients, the partners and staff members (stakeholders), in order to actively involve them in the process.

Our approach takes into consideration the main elements of change: organisation, procedures, technological assets, locations, people and time constraints.

When creating the project plan, the individual goals of all the stakeholders need to be identified so that they can be included together with the project objectives in the stakeholder analysis, evaluated and harmonized with those goals.

During project execution we closely follow-up and monitor stakeholders' goals and identify possible conflicts of interest in order, as necessary, to carry out a careful analysis and to implement appropriate measures.

The results of the Stakeholder Analysis form the basis for the Communication Concept.

Transformation Management also includes a financial evaluation of Business Work Streams Changes.